Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 10

I explored some different technologies.

I found one site that plays sound effects online. I think this is useful for various things. I proposed to use it to help students learn to wash their hands with sound effects as a timer. There is a link provided on my TPACK science lesson plan.

I used stellarium for the science project, which allows people to look at the sky from anywhere on earth at any time. It's really cool.

I also decided to use tape or digital recorders to give instruction to smaller groups of students simultaneously.

TPACK Project


TPACK Planning


Three lesson plans for TPACK

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Internet Safety Assignment

Article of choice:
I read "Let Our Voices be Heard," by M Russell Ballard

Describe the video resources:
They seemed to be largely focused on internet predators and the dangers children face online. There were a couple of stories of people being molested or killed by internet predators, and the video talked a lot about internet safety.

My most important "take-aways" from the readings and video:
I need to be more careful about what I watch and allow to affect me. When I pay closer attention to the media I take in, I often notice that it has a lot of sexual innuendo and such, which has a negative affect on me. I need to be more careful to only watch media that doesn't treat such things lightly, or as acceptable. I was also reminded again through the videos that I need to be sure to teach my children the importance of internet safety. I believe the internet can be a great tool to make new friends in some cases, but you have to know how to use it safely.

4. Write a paragraph or more describing the details of your "doing" experience:

My dad knows we need to get some kind of filter or something to block bad stuff. You shouldn't give out your address or name. Kids shouldn't be on the internet in a room alone. Shouldn't give out personal information. When I asked him what he thought about the media, he said that the media is immoral on the whole. It's way too sexually oriented and violence oriented. I told him to teach kids about internet safety and tell them the stuff he is telling. People can get killed by internet predators. I told him about the talk I read by M Russell Ballard about the media. I read and paraphrased parts of it. I told him the strength of youth standard, and he agreed with me that everyone should follow the standards in for the strength of the youth. I read him the 7 things Elder Ballard suggested to keep our family's experience with the media positive. I encouraged him to limit the amount of time my siblings spend playing video games and watching tv and movies somewhat. Nothing really surprised me, but he did say he wanted to use that as part of his hometeaching message, which I thought was cool. I don't know what he will do with the message otherwise. I hope he will apply it to our family.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Science Project Planning

Technology Lesson Planning

Directions: This table is intended to help you explicitly evaluate your options for selecting the best mix of pedagogy and technology to teach content. List the activity types you want to include in the lesson and 2-3 technology options that could work. Then list the affordances and constraints of each technology/activity type combination.
Step 1:
Identify Content to be Taught Step 2:
Plan Activities to do During the Instruction Step 3:
Identify Technologies that Could be Used
Identify Technology Strengths
Identify Technology Weaknesses
Students will understand that the appearance of the moon changes in a predictable cycle as it orbits Earth and as Earth rotates on its axis.
- Design an investigation, construct a chart, and collect data depicting the phases of the moon. Activity 1: Look at the moon phases over the course of the month using stellarium.

Design an investigation. Stellarium.
Interesting view of the moon and its phases.

Activity 2: Research the names of the moon phases.

Collect data. Send them to: http://www.enchantedlearning.com
To learn about the phases. Visuals, interactive, straight-forwad information. Time consuming, boring, easily distracted.

Activity 3: Construct a month-long moon phase chart.

Construct a chart. Microsoft Word
Clear. Not interactive, difficult to put the pictures in.

Online game: Lunar cycle challenge. http://www.sciencelinks.com/intera
_challenge.html Interactive, creates opportunity for the students to test what they have learned. Limited access to computers for each student.
Activity 4: Depict the phases.

Model moon phases with dough. Interactive, fun. Messy.
Model moon phases on poster. Easy to construct, visual. Time consuming.
Flip book of the moon phases. See the changes of the moon, active.