Friday, January 22, 2010

Becca learns about copyright law

One day, Becca was sitting on her couch with her laptop when she decided, at the prompting of her IP&T 287 instructor, to learn about copyright law. Becca learned many things she did not previously know about copyright law. The biggest thing she learned was that movies shown for entertainment purposes in the classroom violate copyright law. She now knew that her high school and other teachers who had shown movies in their classrooms for entertainment were violating international copyright law. Shame on them! She also learned that the copyright quiz for her IP&T class was only 5 questions long, which made her workload for the week seem a lot lighter. Some other things she learned were that copyrighted characters, such as Bu6s Bu99y, who will not be named due to Becca wanting to overcompensate for carefully adhering to international copyright law, is prohibited by international copyright law. She learned to her relief and happiness that she does not have to cite things in the detailed manner required by MLA formatting, but that she does have to make sure that she or another user can get to things she cites online. And Becca became much better informed about copyright law and realized that she might need to cite the pictures of the motorcycle and helmet used in the first slide type thing of her storyboard. And the IP&T 287 class lived happily...until their Special Ed program applications were due, at which point they all got really stressed out and decided that they needed to have a class pizza party and use the wonderful technology of cellphones to order the pizza. The end!

Late Blog...The Most Interesting Thing I Learned in Class

I fail. At life. Sorry. I plan to start doing better. Really.

Ok, so the most interesting thing I learned in class...well, actually it wasn't so much learned, but my favorite part of class was when we brainstormed about the different ways to teach about gravity. I loved the idea to drop the bowling ball through different substances. That was really cool. I don't remember how they wanted to use technology for that, but it was a good idea. I also liked the idea of using a slow motion camera to film things being dropped. And I really liked how we learned about how to learn and teach and whatnot. It was really cool.
And tokbox would be cool to use perhaps to let the kids send video emails home about what they are doing in class. Or to send video emails to the school if for some reason the teacher was out. It would be a great tool for many things

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week 1 PLE post (It's a blog!!!!! )

Hi. I am writing in this blog. Hurray! Are you excited? Awesome! I created this blog in class.

The answer to the week 1 question:
I have some technology background and experience. I know how to use the internet, or at least a good deal of it. I know how to use blogspot, as I have another blog. I actually worked as kind of a low level tech support during education week. That was fun. I know how to type, and use word. I know how to use powerpoint, and I like it. I don't know much about excel, though. I have used smartboards in classes in high school a little. I know how to use the internet for research.