Friday, January 22, 2010

Late Blog...The Most Interesting Thing I Learned in Class

I fail. At life. Sorry. I plan to start doing better. Really.

Ok, so the most interesting thing I learned in class...well, actually it wasn't so much learned, but my favorite part of class was when we brainstormed about the different ways to teach about gravity. I loved the idea to drop the bowling ball through different substances. That was really cool. I don't remember how they wanted to use technology for that, but it was a good idea. I also liked the idea of using a slow motion camera to film things being dropped. And I really liked how we learned about how to learn and teach and whatnot. It was really cool.
And tokbox would be cool to use perhaps to let the kids send video emails home about what they are doing in class. Or to send video emails to the school if for some reason the teacher was out. It would be a great tool for many things

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