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(add as many rows below as you need) Names: Karly Allen, Rebecca Blair, DeeAnn Loveland, and Amber Smith
Scene Script/Description

Once upon a time, there was a very small giant. (The giant was small compared to the other giants..to us, he would have seemed huge). Giants are fictional characters, which means they do not exist in real life, but for this story, we will assume they are factual characters. A fact is something that is real.

One day, the giant was sitting in his cave, watching the bigger giants fight, and a beautiful, tiny, magical princess appeared to him on a motorcycle, wearing a black leather jacket and leather pants. She pulled her helmet off, shook out her long hair, and told the giant she had a job for him.

“Come on, there’s no time to waste!” the princess yelled as she revved the engine of her motorcycle. The giant picked her up with his giant hand and said, “Hold on a minute, what do I have to do?”

The princess told the small giant her story. “Prince Charming said he was going to visit his mom for the weekend, but now I know that story was fictional –fictional means it was not real – because his mom called this morning! It could be a fact – a fact means something that is real – that my Prince has been kidnapped!”

The Giant replied to the princess, “I cannot help you, because I am too small. You should find another Giant who is bigger and stronger.” The princess was not impressed with his response. She looked at him with her hands on her hips and said, “Size is not what matters! Besides you are bigger than anyone I have ever met, and BIG enough to help me, so let’s go!”

The fact was, the giant was huge. He had just forgotten because he always compared himself to the other giants for so long. The giant felt happy to be needed, and he gently lifted the princess back onto her motorcylcle and followed her to the the foggy forbidden forest in search of her prince.

As they went into the foggy forbidden forest, the princess was happy to have the giant accompany her because as she told him, “I am afraid.” Feelings are facts and her fear was real.

The giant said, “I am not afraid” (and that was a fact for him) and he carried her over the swampy patches and helped her find her prince.
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  1. Fun! I love imaginative stories that make me laugh. When I'm laughing I am learning.