Monday, February 15, 2010

Virtual Tour: Adv's & Disadv's; What sensory exp's might help

Implementing a virtual tour in the classroom can have many advantages and d disadvantages. One advantage is that the virtual tour allows students to see things they may never get to see in real life. It gives them the opportunity to learn about different places and to vicariously experience them through technology. Also, it could be a way to get students engaged in learning about new places and cultures. A disadvantage of the virtual tour is that it may be hard for some teachers to learn the software. Also, vicarious experiences are no substitute for real ones.

Many sensory experiences could assist students in a virtual tour. Having available foods specific to the culture the class is learning about is one. Listening to music from the culture is another. A teacher could have the kids make costumes that fit the more traditional dress of the area being studied. This would probably require parental involvement, which is not a bad thing. The kids could draw some of the stuff they see while watching the tour. My group's plan involves a market day in which the kids "buy" and "sell" goods and services. The sky (and the budget, in some cases) is the limit when dealing with this topic.

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